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Reach Brings All Your Knowledge Together 

Knowledge in Reach is centralised -- bringing all your information channels together!

A single platform that manages all your information from communication, to files, notes, meetings and thoughts -- giving you back control of your Knowledge, whilst helping you save time and collaborate effectively.

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Manage your entire business from just one easy to use platform.

Save time and make better decisions with fully informative traceability


Every Size

No matter your business size, Reach is designed to fit your needs whether you are a freelancer, student or company!


For The Entire Team

Invite your team members with custom permissions and work collaboratively without losing control of your work!


Customise Everything

Customise your Reach to reflect your reality! Add your tools and store your knowledge according to your context!


Features You Can't Miss

We want to facilitate your daily tasks making sure you have the information you need to take the best decisions at the right time!

Organised Knowledge

Filing 2.0

Redesigning today's archaic filing system – replacing folders with a relationship graph database that mimics the brain's neural networks.

Contextual Storage

Providing multidimensional context to your knowledge will render an accurate and unified view the way you think!

Everything Together

Centralise everything that matters into one place – keep all your emails, conversations, notes, documents together at all times! 

Instant Snapshot

A quick glance at a node gives you a clear idea of how it’s progressing, how you got there and where it's heading!

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—  Name, Title

Game Changing Benefits

We want to facilitate your daily tasks making sure you have the information you need to take the best decisions at the right time!

An Integrated Product

Reach integrates with all the apps in your workflow – and it's just the beginning! 

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Learn More About Your Use Case

Reach can be used by virtually anyone regardless of size, age or industry!

Take a look at how different teams and individuals are using Reach!


Here To Help

Constant support so you don't feel alone anymore

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The Reach Academy offers you a rich knowledge base with hundreds of articles concerning the various functionalities of our product. Resolving your doubts in seconds.

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Live Chat

Real-time chat support with an expert at your disposal so you don't waste a second searching for a solution to your problem.

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A phone for you to solve those doubts that cost to express. Enjoy an expert who understands your problems and helps you to focus on your work.

Always Improving

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How To Start

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Reach is constantly adding new features. Our engineering team is continuously innovating and developing new and better funcionalities that helps you get the right information instantly the way you want it.

We designed Reach for you to be able to start working as quickly as possible. Import your information in minutes and set up your account in a simple and intuitive way! Throughout the process our support team will be at your disposal at all times!


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