We're a small team reinventing the way we file, organise and manage our knowledge.

Our Mission

Imagine never having to scour through folders trying to remember where you saved a document. Imagine never having to scroll through conversations/threads trying to find a key message. Imagine never having to worry about filing again. Imagine having everything you need only a click away!

As companies grow and become bigger, all their critical information – even their mission statements – can get lost in a massive pile of Google Docs, Dropbox folders, or files scattered across dozens of collaboration and communication tools – making it virtually impossible to find anything! Our knowledge is scattered and unsearchable.


This is where Reach steps in, with the objective to clean things up and make filing, as we know it something from the past. Reach, is the first Knowledge Management platform to move away from the archaic rigid filing system of folders and replace it by one more intuitive, infinitely more powerful, one that mimics the brain!

More Efficient, More Productive, More Transparent, and No More Folders - That's Reach!


So, we're making people's lives easier by reinventing sharing and organising knowledge with Reach, a beautiful, simple, collaborative Knowledge Management tool. In short, we're redesigning the way we store and archive our data with an intuitive and seamless experience.

We're a small distributed team scattered between Lausanne and Barcelona eager to empower users, give them back control of their Time and Knowledge! Now we're looking for the best to join the ride and help us make Reach a reality!


Meet Your Future Family

Nick Grey

Co-Founder & Investor

Christopher Payne

Co-Founder & CEO

Raúl Ibáñez Pérez

Software Engineer

Albert Segarra Roca

Software Engineer

David Martínez

Software Engineer

Gonzalo De Benito Cassadó

Software Engineer

Salvador Alvarez

Software Engineer

Danilo Acosta

Software Engineer

Marc Molinuevo

Software Engineer

How We Work

Our team is distributed across 3 cities and counting!

We believe in empathy, transparency, asynchronism and remoteness. 

We implement it in both our daily collaboration and in the way we build Reach. We share a passion for incredibly well-crafted products. Most of all, we're still a small team: every team member shapes Reach.


Competitive Salaries and Equity


Retreats: We go on a team outreach every 6 months

Commute: We cover 50% of your costs

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Barcelona or Remote




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